The spo sent out a daily email reminding students to take the survey. An incentive was offered to every student who brought their thank you Page of the survey to the spo office. For those that did they were able to choose from three $5.00 gift cards to a fast-food restaurant. The career pathways director also encouraged the instructors to give the students 5 mins each morning to complete the survey. We did not reach the goal however we did much better than previous surveys. We are thinking of new and creative ways to reach the goal on the next survey.

During all student business meeting to start the week we played 2 of the SEA videos from the website and center director and president of student government encouraged participation from all students. CD explained how some of the feedback from the sept survey helped us to make some specific improvements. Posters from the website were Hung around campus. Center director sent a thank you email to the student body after the first 48 hours of the survey window appreciating all those who took the time to complete the survey and share feedback, encouraging others to do so. 6 days into the window all students who had taken the survey were thanked with a special make your own ice-cream sundae event in the cafeteria after lunch. They showed the “thank you for taking the survey email’ as a ticket to enjoy this special dessert.