During all student business meeting to start the week we played 2 of the SEA videos from the website and center director and president of student government encouraged participation from all students. CD explained how some of the feedback from the sept survey helped us to make some specific improvements. Posters from the website were Hung around campus. Center director sent a thank you email to the student body after the first 48 hours of the survey window appreciating all those who took the time to complete the survey and share feedback, encouraging others to do so. 6 days into the window all students who had taken the survey were thanked with a special make your own ice-cream sundae event in the cafeteria after lunch. They showed the “thank you for taking the survey email’ as a ticket to enjoy this special dessert.

Our center utilized everyone on center to talk to students and remind them about the importance of completing the survey. The survey was discussed in student business meetings, academic and trade classes, and residential during the roll call hour. Once students completed the survey, they would bring their confirmation email to the poc and their Name was entered in a raffle. Students understood that their completion of the survey was an opportunity for us to look at and review their concern based on their feedback. The bottom line is that we created an atmosphere of buy-in that is mutually beneficial.

We started to promote the SEA at mass meetings and all staff supported this promotional efforts. Pizza party for meeting 80% , posting dept. Of labor posters in all areas on center, counselor and SGA assisted with checking on student access while on chrome books, counselor worked in all areas on center to include dorm to check that a confirmations SEA survey email to show that it was submitted and received. Counselor led cheers and “pumping” up the SEA survey with the SGA members and students to get excited they can evaluate us as staff and the center.